Reasons Behind Britain’s Annoyance over Marib’s Battles

Translated report – YP Agency

Military situation has accelerated recently on Marib front. The developments on the ground have shown the strength of the Yemeni Army and the Popular Committees against the aggressive forces and terrorists. The Yemeni Army and Popular Committees were about to restore Marib city after imposing tighten blockade against the aggressive forces from three axes. Their military victories, during the past days, have worsen the situation amid the ranks of the leaders and fighters of their enemy.

Tuesday, the accelerating military events have put Marib under the fiery control of Sana’a Forces, who are now advancing towards the city from the north, west and east. They have been fighting fierce battles for days, imposing tighten blockade on the aggressive forces inside the city. Therefore, the government complex, inside the city, has become less than 10k square meter from Sana’a Forces.

Local sources in Marib reported to Yemeni Press Agency that, during the past hours, Sana’a Forces fought fierce battles against the aggressive forces in the northwestern regions of the city. They managed to control several important military sites and approach the city’s center. The sources indicated that Sana’a Forces were able to control main road linking between Medghal district and Mas Camp, after they had cleared Military Site of the aggression in al-Qafl hell.

In Raghwan district, west of Marib city, they managed to clear Asdar Raghwan area.

At the bottom of Al-Mukhdara Mountains, the Yemeni Army and Popular Committees were able to foil a large advance of the aggression towards Al-Deeq area. It led to the death and injury of dozens of leaders and recruiters, including Shaikh, Ali Mohammed Dabsh and Abdullah Rabeesh Medraj, while others’ fate is still unknown.

British Anxiety Raises Suspicion:

The great military victories of Sana’a Forces on Marib fronts made the British government reveal for the first time its support and hidden relationship with the leaders of Islah party, which was recently supported by Al Qaeda and ISIS militants. The British ambassador to Yemen confirmed in tweets, Tuesday, that the leader of Islah party and the governor of Hadi government in Marib, Sultan Al-Arada, made a phone call with him, explaining the major collapses amid the aggressive forces and Islah militias.

The British ambassador to Yemen, Michael Aaron, did not hide the annoyance of his country’s government about the military advancement calling for stopping it immediately.

Al Qaeda and ISIS Defend Marib

As was expected, the leaders of Islah Party supported their militias in Marib with those who fled from Al Qaeda and ISIS. They lost their main strongholds in Qifah and Yakla in Al-Bayda province, and then Marib became their last refuge. Monday, terrorist individuals of Al Qaeda and ISIS organizations deployed in Ubaidah Valley in Marib to fight with the aggressive forces and Islah militia.

Sheikh, Hamad Al-Shabwani Al-Obaidi ,revealed, in a post on Facebook website, last Sunday evening, that Sheikh, Mabkhout bin Nasser Al-Sharif, the head of Islah party in Marib, hosted a number of princes of Al Qaeda and ISIS organizations in his home in Ubaidah. Al-Shabwani added that the princes of Al-Qaeda and ISIS who fled from the areas of Qifah appeared in Ubaidah Valley with light and medium weapons and explosive devices. He criticized that the aggressive forces recruit those individuals to fight with them, warning the aggression, Islah leaders and Hadi government of the danger of them, and asking them to get them out. In turn, local sources in Marib confirmed that Al Qaeda and ISIS militants appeared in Ubaidah Valley’s areas. Some of them wore explosive belts, which caused terror among the residents.

On Mahliya district’s front in the south of Marib, the Army and Popular Committees managed to foil a large advance of the besieged aggressive forces in Al-Amoud area towards Kolah Hada and Al-Rakhim area to avoid the fall of the district center, the last stronghold of the aggression in the district.

The sources added that after Sana’a Forces had managed to foil the advance of the aggressive forces , they cleared Wassila Hada area, which tighten the blockade on the aggressive forces in Al-Amoud area, the center of Mahliya district.

The sources confirmed that the failed aggression’s attack led to deaths and injuries among the ranks of the aggressive forces in the battles in Wassila Wahda area in Mahliya district. While the fate of a number of leaders of the first row of the aggressive forces in Mahlia front is still unknown.



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