UN Double Standard, Recognizing Yemen’s True Legitimate Authority in Sana’a

Article translated from Almyadeen, wrote by Abdulallah Hajar, Foreign Affairs Advisor to the Supreme Political Console in Sana’a.

The secretary general of the United Nations and his assistants didn’t bother to order the legal affairs in General Secretariat to invitate the right of the Yemeni Government in Sana’a to resume it membership in the United Nations. The Secretary General of the United Nations and United Nations security council are violating agreements and all the international rules by accepting a permanent representative in the United Nations, in New York and its European headquarters in Geneva, who doesn’t represent Yemen. There is no legitimacy for former President, whom is called Abdorabbo Hadi nor for the Pro-Saudi government in Riyadh, headed by Moein abdulmalik at this moment, to assign a permeant representative in the UN.

Abdrabbo’s term expired in February 2014, under the Gulf Initiative that gave him only two years which started in February 2012. He resigned from his position in a suspicious move in February 21, 2015. Then there was the The Peace and Partnership Agreement, which based on the government formed under Khalid Bahah, and it gained the confidence of the Yemeni parliament in February 2st, 2015. Saudi aggression against Yemen started, in March 26th, 2015. The new government was forming in Al-Riyadh headed by Ahmed bn Dagher in April 4,2016, and that government was not accepted by the Yemeni parliament. Moein Abdulmalik was nominated for the third government in Al-Riyadh, and as its predecessors it was not accepted by the Ymeni parliament.

What is clear from the above is that Hadi and what is called a legitimate government, which resides in Al-Riyadh for five years and have no authority in managing the affairs of its members. This lack of authority includes the representatives in New York, Geneva and Vienna.

In addition, the so called 4 Committee, which is made up of foreign ministers of USA, British, Saudi Arabia and UAE, didn’t include in its composition the so called (the legitimate government of Yemen), so that the biggest proof of its futility.

As for Sana’a the capital of Yemen there is a legitimate constitutional government which is the National Salvation Government headed by Dr. Abdulaziz bn Habtoor, and it gained confidence of the Yemeni parliament in November 2016, and it still doing its business, and more than 24 million Yemenis enjoy its protection, care and services even with the brutal aggression, resource cuts and unjust blockade impose by US-Saudi Aggression.

Despite the passage of nearly 5 and a half years since the aggression on Yemen, the United Nations Ignored the facts mentioned above which proves that who deserves to represent Yemen in the United Nations. This seat should be occupied by someone sent by the Legitimate National Authority in Sana’a. The UN also insists under Saudi-American pressure not to allow the representative of the National Salvation Government to participate in the security council periodic meetings that follow up implementation of security council resolution on Yemen as one of the parties of so-called conflict, also to hear it within the speeches of representatives of states, members and whom is called, “representative in Yemen,” for briefings by the United Nations envoy to Yemen, and the Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, and others.


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