Beirut Port, Attan Mount in Sana’a Are Two Scenes of One Crime

Article translated from Almyadeen, wrote by Abdulallah Alsabri.

Lebanon is still experiencing the shock of Beirut’s great explosion and its repercussions that were not limited by the physical geography’s limits. The Lebanese geopolitics is a crosser of the region, as it is known, which makes us approach the painful incident from a somewhat different angle. Considering that, the corruption and negligence hypothesis has gained greater acceptance compared to other ones, including the external action hypothesis. If it has significantly declined in the media and political circulation, it is still at the hands of investigators and military experts at least.

So when we try to compare the crime of the Saudi-American aggression on Yemen, Atan Bomb that was dropy more than 5 years ago at the start of the so-called Decisive Storm, and Beirut Port explosion, the two crimes appeared very similar in form and content, and the results and repercussions are almost converging too.

Israeli enemy was present in Beirut bombing among the hypotheses that the President of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, also mentioned. He announced in a press conference that the huge explosion was the result of negligence or external interference by means of a missile or bomb. He revealed that he had requested his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, during his visit to Beirut the day after the explosion, to provide Lebanon with aerial photos of satellites to find out if there were aircraft in the air or missiles behind the explosion.

Attan Bomb’s investigations have indicated that the Zionist entity is involved in the major crime against the residents of the Yemeni capital, Sana’a. American expert ,John Smith, and his British colleague ,Gordon Dove, revealed, in a joint article, that the unconventional bomb, which they described as neutron, was dropped by an Israeli warplane, but it is painted in the colors of the Saudi Air Force.

They hinted that the raid on Attan mount might be the result of an Israeli experiment of a new advanced weapon on realistic targets to recognize the extent of its impact. In addition, if it can use it in the upcoming wars with Lebanon, Palestine and others.

According to Veterans Today, which published an analysis of Attan Raid, the explosion was caused by a nuclear bomb, and Israel is the only country in the region that has such a weapon.

Like August 4, 2020 in Beirut, April 20, 2015, in Sanaa seemed! The Yemeni capital shook in a way that it had never experienced before by a huge explosion following an airstrike of the aggression coalition. It turned out to have thrown an internationally prohibited bomb on Attan mount, which overlooks the capital Sana’a from the south. Then all residents of the sprawling capital heard the explosion and saw the flame tongues that rose like the effects of the US nuclear bomb on Hiroshima, Japan in the forties of the last century did. It is as the terrifying image and situation witnessed by the Lebanese capital, Beirut, this August.

The number of victims was in hundreds, the wounded were in thousands, and the same was in regard if the destruction of citizens’ homes and shops. The horror of the shock was also severe, with the same extent to Yemenis and Lebanese, which explains why the sympathy of the Yemenis was first with their brothers in Lebanon. The sea in Beirut absorbed the largest proportion of the effects of the explosion, and Atta mount did the same. However, if the attack had been in the middle of the two cities, the disaster would have been much greater.

Politically, we have seen how the leaders of eastern and western countries rushed to solidarity with Lebanon, but some were just hypocrite, and some media trumpets were desperate to accuse Hezbollah and acquit Israel. We also saw how the explosion repercussions led to the resignation of the government amid calls for the dissolution of Parliament and the dismissal of the Republic President in parallel with the call for an urgent investigation and a fair and prompt trial for the disaster victims and Lebanese state and its security and justice systems.

In Yemen, 5 years ago, Attan Bombing received great international coverage, which made the war on Yemen and the aggression crimes against civilians under the focus of international public opinion. Accordingly, Saudi Arabia, along with the aggressive countries, the second day, , on April 21, 2015, announced the end of the military operations of the so-called Decisive Storm, 27 days after their start. They claimed that it had succeeded in achieving its goals, and launched a new bloody phase, under the name of Restoring Hope, which was directed abroad in order to distract attention from the attack and its repercussions.

Yemeni and Lebanese peoples have the state of steadfastness and societal solidarity in the face of major challenges in common .It is what we witnessed when Lebanese rushed to help in the relief and rescue work, in the accommodation of the displaced, and to undertake the repair and repair work, without waiting for supplies from outside.

Source: al-masirah


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