Al-Nuaimi emphasizes the necessity of the role of community initiatives in developing societies

Member of the Supreme Political Council Mohammed al-Nuaimi has stressed the importance of the role of community initiatives and partnerships in developing societies.

Al-Nuaimi pointed out the need for coordination and cooperation between the local authority, community initiatives and organizations to unite efforts to implement plans and strategies of the national vision of Yemen to build a modern state of Yemen.

The meeting was held on Saturday in Taiz in the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister for National Vision Affairs, Head of the Executive Office of the Vision Mahmoud al-Junaid, and Chairman of the Supreme Agricultural Fisheries Committee Ibrahim al-Maddani to discuss the activation of community initiatives and partnerships.

The Member of the Supreme Political Council Mohammed al-Nuaimi stressed the need to develop plans and programs that meet the development needs of society.

For his part, al-Junaid affirmed the importance of mobilizing local efforts and community initiatives in aspects of agricultural and economic development following the national vision to improve the economic conditions in the society and enhance the legendary resilience of the Yemeni people.

He stressed the need to pay attention to agriculture to achieve self-sufficiency, pointing out the importance of the role of the local authority and community initiatives in the development of the agricultural sector and the marketing aspect and livestock following the plans that have been set.

Al-Maddani pointed out that the local authority should pay attention to farmers and address the difficulties they face, pointing out that the Supreme Political Council pays all attention to the agricultural side to reach the stage of self-sufficiency.

He indicated the need to qualify and train cadres in the various sectors related to the agricultural and marketing aspect in the province, as this is one of the most important factors for the success of any plans in this regard.

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