Yemen Red Crescent Society provides relief materials for affected by floods in Sa’afan district

Sanaa Branch of Yemen Red Crescent Society has provided relief and aid materials for affected families by rains in Sa’afan district in Sanaa province.

Director of the branch Hussein al-Taweel in the province said the assistance provided to six families because of the destruction of their homes due to heavy rains in al-Jawareh area in Sa’afan.

Al-Taweel pointed out that the leadership of the province is keen to check the conditions of those affected by the floods and touch their needs.

The relief operation for those affected in this area is part of the activities and interventions of the Society to alleviate their suffering, especially during natural disasters, he added.

Director-General of Sa’afan district Muneer al-Kibsi and the leadership of the Supervisory Office and the beneficiary families praised the humanitarian relief efforts provided by the Yemen Red Crescent Society branch in the province in providing them shelter and food needs of those affected by the floods.

تليقرام انصار الله
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