Emirati-Israeli Normalization, Wishes, Yemeni Island, Socotra , Military Base?

What Emiratis share with Israelis exceeds normalization. Israelis admitted the security and military cooperation that will be against Iran. Abu Dhabi also seeks to form a strategic military security front against Resistance in the region. To impress Israel, UAE considers the Resistance an enemy, and seeks, with its new ally, to form a front against Iran.

Israelis do not hide this trend, but rather they are accelerating it. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his admiration for Emiratis’ offer. The Israeli Intelligence Minister speaks publicly about that. Therefore, the picture of the agreement becomes clear that it is a military security agreement against Iran.

In parallel, Netanyahu thanks Washington, during his meeting with Jared Kushner, for its role in the agreement and in the assassination of the martyr, Qassem Soleimani. Then he praises the Emirati normalization and calls on the world to stand behind America against Iran. His guest, Kushner, heralded that the agreement would change the course of the situation in the region, and perhaps he meant a strategic military security alliance against Iran.

There was a talk between them about mobilizing countries on the eve of his visit to UAE from Israel directly, followed by an Israeli security delegation, two weeks later, to discuss the security dimensions of the agreement.

Israeli media says that joint security work will begin immediately, and Socotra is the building base for the joint security intelligence center.

Putting Socotra under the control of Israelis means handing over the security keys of the region to a historical enemy.

UAE, through that, wants to enable Israel to oversee strategic seas and corridors close to that Yemeni island.

Resistance Axis will not remain silent towards that. The Yemenis, who reject Israeli interventions, have the ability to deal with it.

Beyond all this, do Emiratis have justifications for joint Arab action?

More and more, they are heading to estrangement with Arabs, after they had officially ended boycotting Israel. Therefore, UAE would become a market for Israeli goods, and perhaps a base for plotting against Arab countries.

Due to that, UAE is killing Arab League, as if the Saudi-Emirati alliance seeks to abolish and replace it with a system in which Israel might somehow engage.

The coordinator of AMAN network for research and strategic studies, Anis Al-Naqqash, says that what UAE did is announcing what was hidden.

He told Al-Mayadeen that this cooperation began years ago on the espionage technology’s issue, pointing out that this agreement is not the same as what happened with Egypt and Jordan, but rather is an alliance with Israel.

Al-Naqash affirmed that whoever is an ally with Israel must bear the consequences, stressing that the glass sheikhdoms do not tolerate any war because of the Israeli presence in the Gulf.

He pointed out that all Yemenis reject the Zionists’ presence on their land, noting that Israelis cannot protect the normalization countries because is unable to protect itself.

Al-Naqash said, “I tell Abu Dhabi’s rulers that how the Army, which is hiding like rats, can protect you, “stressing that in the next battle, the resistance will be victor.”

For his part, a member of the political bureau of the Country’s Sons Movement, Mohammad Kanana, said that the alliance is against Resistance Axis.

Kanana added to Al-Mayadeen that building security and military alliances to confront the axis, extending from Tehran to Gaza, is for Washington and Tel Aviv’s interest, pointing out that Zionist entity is trying to build dominance through its own base there.

Kanaana pointed out that Arab League seeks to drag the nation into building peace treaties with Zionist entity, stressing that inside Israel there is great respect for Sayyed Nasrallah’s statements.


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