Is UAE Aware of Dangers of Establishing ’Israeli’ Bases in Yemen?

Translated article – Alalam website

The UAE tried to justify its normalization with the Israeli entity with ridiculous justifications which the leaders of the Israeli entity denied altogether, without the slightest consideration of the face-saving of the Emirati princes. The UAE has nothing left but to justify security and military coordination, which is supported by the leaders of the Israeli entity, a justification that intersects with numerous reports and leaks of Western, Israeli and Yemeni sources.

Al Zayed believes, especially Mohammed bin Zayed, that the military and security alliance with the Israeli entity will provide them with security, in the event that the US withdraws from the region. Since the establishment of such a military and security alliance was impossible “at present” on the land of the Emirates for well-known reasons, Al Zayed believed that the land of Yemen occupied by the Emirati and Saudi forces, especially the island of Socotra, should be a place to establish such an alliance, which will preserve the UAE geography, from any regional repercussions that may result from this alliance.

Documented reports, issued by JForum, the official sites of the Jewish and French-speaking community and the South Front website, which is run by a team of experts and volunteers and focuses on issues of international relations, armed conflicts and crises, and the Russian Sputnik agency, in addition to Yemeni sources, all revealed that the UAE has provided a foothold for the Israeli entity in Yemen via the strategic island of Socotra, for establishing intelligence bases to monitor the movements of Yemeni forces in Sanaa and to spy on the region, particularly from Bab al-Mandab and south of Yemen, along with the Gulf of Aden and the Horn of Africa. This will strengthen the security grip of the Israeli entity on Bab al-Mandab and the Red Sea, after it built in 2016 the largest intelligence base in the Red Sea basin at Emba Soira mountain, located in Eritrea, in the strategic area overlooking the Bab al-Mandab Strait.

Reports also revealed that a delegation of ‘Israeli’ and Emirati intelligence officers arrived on the Socotra Island very recently and examined various locations for establishing the planned intelligence bases, after the forces of the Southern Transitional Council, supported by Abu Dhabi, took control of Socotra Governorate, last June, by force of arms and expelled Hadi forces.

The “Israeli” delegation, which visited Socotra, celebrated the night of normalization relations announcement on the sandy coast of Najd, accompanied by foreign women in an area under the control of the forces of the Emirate-backed Southern Transitional Council.

Wisdom requires that bin Zayed not rush too much in his attempts to find a place for the Israeli entity in Yemen, believing that this will spare the UAE any repercussions of his irresponsible and reckless step. Socotra is Yemeni land occupied by the UAE, and the occupier bears full responsibility for the land it occupies.

Bin Zayed must realize the dangers of involving the Zionist entity in the geography of the region before it is too late, as their states will not tolerate the presence of military bases or security centers for the Israeli entity near them. If his companion, Netanyahu, allows himself to launch attacks on sovereign countries that fight terrorism, under the pretext of defending the security of his fake entity, does Ibn Zayed expect that the countries of the region will give up their security and stability, stand by and watch while the Israeli entity is building military and security bases and centers in Yemen, endangering the security and stability of the Persian Gulf and the Sea of ​​Oman, under the banner of normalization?

Source: al-masirah


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