Zakat Authority distributes 1100 food baskets to families affected by aggression in Marib

Marib governor Ali Mohammed Tu’ayman on Wednesday inaugurated the distribution of 1,100 food baskets to poor families affected by the aggression in the area of Wald Rabee in the district of Mahliyah in Marib province.

At the inauguration, in the presence of the governor’s undersecretary Nasser al-Ajji al-Talbi, and several executive office directors and local authority leaders, the governor praised the positions of the people of the district, their bias towards the homeland, its security and independence, and their active participation in liberating their district from the occupation of aggression and its mercenaries.

He praised the General Authority for Zakat support and its charitable initiative to support families affected by the aggression in the district, stressing the importance of reaching those who deserve it and expanding the circle of those targeted to include the largest number of families in the district that suffered greatly from the crimes of aggression and its mercenaries.

Tu’ayman confirmed that Mahliyah district and its honorable and free sons have suffered during the past years from marginalization and deprivation by the authorities loyal to the Saudi aggression, which plundered the wealth of Marib and deprived the people of the simplest projects and basic services in the province.

The governor called on the sons of the district to cooperate with the army, the popular committees, and the security services in maintaining security and stability and rejecting the traitors and mercenaries who serve the aggression.

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