The aggression violations in Hodeidah over 24 past hours

The US-Saudi-led aggression coalition and its mercenaries have carried out 160 breaches of the UN-sponsored ceasefire agreement in Hodeidah province over the past 24 hours.

The violations included creating new combat fortifications in al-Jabaliya and Hays areas, and two airstrikes by the aggression drones on al-Jabaliya,according to an official in the Liaison Officers’ Room to monitor the aggression violations.

The breaches also included flying 5 warplanes over the airspace of Al-Faza and Hays, 12 spy aircraft over the skies of al-Faza, al-Jah and al-Jabaliya, in addition to 24 violations with missile strikes, and 112 other breaches with different bullets, the official pointed out.


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