Cancer Patients Association Protests in Front of United Nations Office in Sana’a

Association of Cancer Patients Monday organized a protest in front of the United Nations office in the capital, Sana’a, to denounce the World Health Organization’s disregard for patients’ suffering.

In a statement, the Association condemned the World Health Organization’s abandonment of its responsibility and its humanitarian and legal role, adding that the organization increases the suffering of patients by not fulfilling its previous promises and obligations to provide medicines and device for radiation therapy.

The association pointed out that the only radiation device for treating cancer patients is not working due to the US-Saudi siege, and the World Health Organization has also not provided an MRI machine, medicines, and other equipment and devices.

It called on global health to shoulder its responsibility of alleviating the suffering of more than forty thousand cancer patients and to fulfill its promises to ensure supporting the health services.

It stressed demanding World Health Organization to press on the coalition of aggression to open Sana’a International Airport for patients to travel and receive treatment abroad.



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