New York Governor: Trump caused Corona outbreak in US state

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo confirmed that US President Donald Trump caused an outbreak of the Corona virus” in the state after he delayed imposing a travel ban on those coming from Europe.
In a statement carried by “The Hill” website, on Tuesday, Cuomo strongly criticized Trump and his federal administration for not providing the necessary funding to deal with the consequences of the outbreak of the virus in the state, stressing that the Trump administration, including the centers for epidemic control and prevention, caused the spread of the epidemic in his state.

He reiterated that Trump “caused the outbreak of Corona in New York and this is a fact that Trump and the epidemiological control centers and chief expert Anthony Fauci have recognized.”

New York was considered the epicenter of the Corona epidemic in the United States, where the death toll has exceeded the barrier of six and a half million, while the number of deaths reached 194 thousand.

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