Sammad 3 rebombing Abha Airport

The army’s and the popular committees’air force have again bombed Abha International Airport, deep inside the Saudi enemy.

The spokesman of the armed forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, said in a statement that the Air Force managed to strike sensitive targets this morning with a number of Sammad 3 drones.

He emphasized that they hit it accuratly, indicating that the more brutal aggression and unjust siege on the Yemeni people continued, the more the army and popular committees’ operations continued inside Saudi Arabia.

It is noteworthy that this operation is the fourth during the past hours, as the spokesman of the armed forces announced at dawn today, that the same airport had been targeted by a number of 2K drone bombers accurately.


تليقرام انصار الله
قد يعجبك ايضا