Corruption … Another Face Of Saudi-Led Military Aggression Against Yemen

Corruption represents one of the main dilemmas in halting a development process in Yemen. It is similar the Saudi-led military aggression coalition against Yemen that has been carrying out airstrikes and committing war crimes since 2015.

The brutality of aggression and corruption affected the country and its institutions. Moreover, both of them hinder the wheel of development and stand as a stumbling block to any efforts to advance the realities of development and modernization.

Corruption has become a very serious social disaster everywhere it settles. The president of the Supreme Political Council said in his speech during his meeting with officials of the regulatory bodies recently that anything contrary to the nature of the human being is considered corruption and everything that is contrary to what Allah wants for the good of society is also corruption.

Today, the Republic of Yemen faces a major dilemma, which is represented by this corruption that undermines state institutions and obstructs all efforts to move forward in building and developing a modernization plan and building a modern state of Yemen.

Its danger is no less dangerous than the US-Saudi aggression, if not more severe and cruel, because it does not allow development to progress.

It frustrates every good effort to work in its presence and it is difficult to implement plans aimed at bringing about changes in the structure of society for the better.

President al-Mashat diagnosed the reality of the problem, the prospects for successful practical solutions to confront it, and the executive measures to besiege, combat and eliminate this scourge.

Overall, there are many bodies represent the first line of defense against corruption, considering that all are concerned with this scourge to fight it represented by various government’s institutions and ministries, it can be said the Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption (SNACC) as it is the last government’s body to refer to it so as to uproot the corruption.

Fighting corruption needs advanced qualitative capabilities of relations among the state bodies and the Anti-Corruption Commission, which must be characterized by dynamism, objectivity and credibility, as much as it needs, first and foremost, divine oversight, will and conscience to fight and eliminate it.

To sum up, Yemen is suffering from the scourge of corruption, and to confront this phenomenon requires the integration of the efforts of all state institutions, ministries and bodies to eradicate this dangerous scourge that stands as a stumbling stone in the course of development and modernization.



قد يعجبك ايضا
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