Yemeni official to the British ambassador: The Yemeni people do not accept tutelage and blatant interference in their affairs

Official spokesman for Ansarullah and head of national negotiating delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam, launched a verbal attack on British Ambassador Michael Aron, following the latter’s remarks on the situation in Yemen, according to Yemen Press Agency.

“The British ambassador, as usual, issues directives and draws up policies on an independent country called the Republic of Yemen, unaware that the mercenaries and traitors that he meets do not even represent themselves, as they follow the money and sell the country, its capabilities and bounties,” said Mohammed Abdulsalam in a statement on Thursday.

He stressed that the Yemeni people do not accept guardianship and blatant interference in their affairs from any party, considering the US-British squawking an explicit expression of the failure of aggression and siege.

“Whenever the tool fail to achieve their goals, the real driver of aggression appears in such circumstances, raising its ideology, showing its scream, not being satisfied with running the United Nations according to its interests and ambitions,” he added.

Abdulsalam continued: the world knows that the aggression and siege on Yemen is a US-British decision that is implemented by their tools such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

He also attacked the United Nations, which he said remained silent when the situation is at stake or the stances of the aggression countries are exposed in their rejection of peace or the lifting of the blockade.

The UN goes for flattery, deception and justification by the fact of those who refuse to stop the aggression, lift the siege and go for a comprehensive and just political solution, he added

Abdulsalam called for an immediate Cessation of the war through a comprehensive cease-fire in (land, sea and air), all military, reconnaissance and intelligence actions, and a complete end to the blockade by land, sea and air, in order to allow the political solution to take its natural course without threats of ( war or siege or by any means of economic and humanitarian aggression).


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