The Shura Council condemns publication of cartoons that insult to the Holy Prophet in the French press

French press’s re-publication of cartoons insulting to the Great Messenger of Allah Mohammed, peace be upon him, was on Thursday condemned strongly by The Yemeni Shura Council .

It held, in a statement, the French press authorities responsible for fueling hatred against Islam, feeding hatred against Muslims, and deliberately distorting the tolerant image of the Messenger of humanity Mohammed, peace and be upon him.

It considered the insistence of French press on publishing these cartoons as a provocation to Muslims and an offense to the sanctities, values and beliefs of more than a billion and a half billion Muslims.”It reflects the hidden hatred and the authoritarian mentality of some cultural, media and intellectual elites in the West based on the abolition of the other.”

It ridiculed the claim of a number of French politicians that this falls within the framework of freedom of the press and expression, noting these behaviors and ugly deeds reflect their moral and intellectual downfall.

It stressed the need for Muslims to do their duty and role in defending Islam, its symbols and sanctities, and rooting the Islamic identity and affiliation.


تليقرام انصار الله
قد يعجبك ايضا
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