Ansarullah Spokesman, Slam Arab League’s Neglect of Palestinian Cause

Ansarullah Spokesman, Mohammad Abdulsalam, expressed his strong condemnation of the disgraceful position of the Arab League and its denial of the Palestinian cause. Abdulsalam said to Almasirah, “We express our condemnation of this terrible failure of the Arab League, which has reached the state of negligence of the Palestine cause for which the Arab League was founded.”

“As long as Palestine is unable to extract a statement of condemnation from the Arab League, the Arab League must be buried,” he added.

Mohammed Abdulsalam warned the Palestinians that the Arab League has turned into an executioner targeting them, saying: “From our experience, we do not rule out that the Arab League would launch a military war that would be preceded by arrests against the Palestinians.”

Ansarullah Spokesman called on the Palestinians to withdraw from this league after it turned into supporter of the Zionists and serve the American agenda. He slammed the preacher of the Grand Mosque, in Saudi Arabia, by saying, “It is a strange paradox that the preacher of the Haram speaks from a pulpit that is supposed to be a place of the truth with a speech full of deception, lies and deceit. He speaks about legitimate interests with the Zionist entity.”

Abdulsalam confirmed that peoples of the region, the resistance movements, and the countries that rejected normalization are the ones that are reliable. “We are proud of being in the fronts of facing of the enemies of Islam.”

Regarding the aggression against Yemen, Ansarullah spokesman said, “Some lies circulates, by the American and British, that they support stopping the aggression and opening the airport, and this is not true. We agree with any step to end aggression and siege and to have political solution.”

He added, “Whenever the Yemeni People assert their options to confront the aggression and expel traitors, threats come and they do not stop, and our people are targeted by bombing and siege. The enemy is threatening to target the facilities and escalate the raids.”

The Aggression’s claim of working towards opening Sana’a Int. Airport is disregarded with counterproductive conditions.

The Foreign ministry also condemned disgraceful position of the Arab League and its denial of the Palestinian cause in the 154th session of the Arab League Council for the meeting of Arab foreign ministers, which held on Wednesday.


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