Foreign Ministry condemns UAE, Bahrain’s normalization with Israel

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the National Salvation Government on Wednesday condemned in the strongest terms the UAE and Bahrain’s signature of an agreement to normalize relations with the Zionist entity.

In a statement, which Saba received a copy of it, the Ministry considered the normalization “a full betrayal of the central Arab cause, and a stab in the back of the Palestinian people and the Arab and Islamic nation.”

The statement indicated that the rush by some Arab regimes to normalize with the Zionist entity under American auspices will not achieve security for these regimes or peace in the Middle East. “Rather, it will provoke people’s anger against those regimes, and threaten security and stability in the region and the world.”

The main goal of normalization is to achieve political gains for the American and Zionist administrations, and to liquidate the Palestinian cause that is present in the consciousness of the Arab and Islamic peoples and the peoples of the free world, the statement added.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarified that the normalization that took place is between the Zionist entity and the puppet regimes loyal to America and not with the free Gulf and Arab peoples.

It called on the Palestinians to unite ranks and reject differences in order to face the plots hatched against the Palestinian cause.


تليقرام انصار الله
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