Israeli Enemy to Start Clashes with Resistance When Reaches Socotra in Yemen: Palestinian Jihad Leader

The leader of the Islamic Jihad Movement, Khaled Al-Batsh, confirmed on Friday night, that the Israeli enemy starts clashes with the resistance when its bases reach the Iranian borders in the Emirates and Socotra in Yemen, noting that the Palestinian resistance today is different in the presence of the resistance axis

In a televised interview, Al-Batsh said: “Today the facts are unveiled, and Palestine will win, and the other party will surrender facing the camp of the Axis of Resistance and the Palestinian People.”

Commenting on the normalization deals the leader of the Islamic Jihad Movement, Khaled Al-Batsh, said that: “The illusion of normalization will be dispelled by the sound of guns on occupied Palestine, and these regimes by normalization doomed to failure.”

He added: “the US moved its embassy to Jerusalem and declared it as the capital of the enemy’s entity, and whoever normalize with the enemy, he relinquishes Jerusalem.”

He continued, “We are not shocked by what is happening, because the” Arab Peace Initiative “recognizes Israel, and what is new is the alignment of some Arab regimes with the Israeli enemy.”

He added, “We do not accept the Arab peace initiative and consider it an Arab Balfour Declaration for the Israeli entity because it recognizes Israel, and even the two-state solution that the PLO accepted, the Israeli enemy no longer recognizes it.”

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