Sixth anniversary of September 21st Revolution: Achievements, Aspirations

The sixth anniversary of the September 21st revolution comes as our Yemeni people are fighting the battle for freedom and independence against the US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition, which began its aggression six months after the revolution on March 26, 2015 with the aim of breaking up Yemen and keeping it under its control, and turning it into entities under its sovereignty.

September 21st represents the starting point for Yemenis either to stay subject to contemporary slavery or to achieve freedom and independence through resistance against tyrants.

Despite the atrocities and crimes committed by the Saudi-led aggression and economic blockade that caused the deterioration of the living conditions in the country, the Yemeni people, within six years of the revolution, were able to stand against the most powerful, strongest and richest countries in the world that are leading the aggression against our country, and here are their strikes reach the depth of the aggression countries and hit their strategic centers.

September 21st is the day of the fall of foreign intervention and the fall of the rule of US and Saudi Arabia and other embassies that controlled the country in everything in state institutions and as well as, the day Yemeni people took their dignity and sovereignty .

Security situation after 21 September revolution:

Since the Revolution of September 21, 2014, and the country’s criminal acts, the forces of aggression and their tools in assassinating national figures and bombing mosques, the security agencies have continued achieve security successes thanks to the efforts of the Revolutionary Leadership and Supreme Political Council.

The capital Sana’a and the provinces under the authority of the Supreme Political Council and Salvation Government are witnessing security stability compared of the southern provinces that under the authority of the Saudi-Emirati occupation .

As such, Security achievements have continued during the past period by exposing terrorist cells belonging to the aggression forces and the ensuing of scare ,It had weighed heavily on the security services and popular committees in taking responsibility for maintaining security and stability.

The efforts of the security units also contributed to the pursuit of the dark bats of criminal elements who have a history of committing crimes and violations.

The Ministry of Interior revealed that significant security achievements have been achieved in excess of 45 thousand and 930 achievement since the beginning of the aggression to December 2019… explaining that 296 hostile plots were uncovered and thwarted, 23 of which were aimed at targeting the home front and thwarting 15 crimes affecting state security during the same year.

The Ministry of Interior said in a statement that several of terrorist cells fellow to the so-called Al-Qaeda and ISIS, that including 13 cells in 2019 were uncovered and seized.

It said that 1,458 explosive devices were discovered and dismantled before they were detonated since the beginning of the aggression, the traitors and mercenaries planted it in the public roads, markets, houses and mosques.

The ministry confirmed that these security achievements confirm the association and involvement of the aggression and mercenary leaders in manufacture, support and financing of the so-called al-Qaeda and ISIS for many years, Among them are the mercenaries Ali Mohsen, Hamid al-Ahmar, Wissam al-Ahmar and many leaders of the Islah Party.

Compared between the stable security situation in the free provinces and occupied southern provinces, the pace of military confrontations between the militia and the tools of aggression has increased over the past years, Killing many civilians, imams of mosques, national figures and others.

Since the control of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council and the so-called “legitimacy” forces supported by Saudi Arabia in a number of occupied provinces, particularly Socotra and Abyan, the people of the southern provinces suffering of the both.

The southern provinces have suffered from the deterioration of the level of services as well as insecurity, instability and the proliferation of armed militias.

The occupied governorates are witnessing deep divisions between the forces of aggression, as the situation is no longer hidden from anyone, as there is no particular force controlling these provinces.

As the forces of aggression and their tools tussle in the southern provinces, Aden province has witnessed widespread protests over the deterioration of basic services and the collapse of health sector system, demanding better electricity, water and medical services.

These protests come against the backdrop of the failure the Saudi occupation and the so-called legitimate government and Southern Transitional Council to provide basic services and improve the health situation and others.



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