Information Minister: September 21 revolution is purely Yemeni, not based on external party

Information Minister Dhaifallah Al-Shami said on Tuesday that the September 21 revolution is the purely Yemeni popular revolution and not based or resorted to an external party,according to Yemen Press Agency.

The move came during the cultural and artistic event organized by the General Administration for Guarding Facilities and Personal Protection in Sanaa on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the September 21 Revolution.

Al-Shami referred to the struggle of world powers against the Yemeni people after the victory of the September 21 Revolution and falling the conspiracy of the Saudi-led coalition and arrogance forces against Yemen and its political decision.

The minister emphasized that the September 21 revolution did not come to exclude any component, party, or political organization, but it called for partnership with all forces, parties, organizations and political components, which was signed in the Peace and Partnership Agreement.

He added that the revolution thwarted the plans of the arrogant forces to control Yemen and its political decision, and wealth, reviewing the successes achieved by the revolution at the filed of military industrialization and missile power, as well as the victories made by the army, security and popular committees in various fields.

Al-Shami praised the efforts exerted by the security services and their role in thwarting the aggression plots in undermining the unity, cohesion of the internal front and destabilizing security, stability.


قد يعجبك ايضا
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