The aggression jets launch airstrikes on Yemeni provinces

The US-Saudi-led aggression coalition warplanes on Thursday waged air raids on Sanaa, Marib and Jawf provinces and border areas, a security official said.

Earlier in the day, the aggression jets launched seven raids on ‘Al-Lakama’ village in Hamdan district of Sanaa province.

The aggression fighter jets waged 11 airstrikes on Marib, including six on Rahba district, three on Majzar and Serwah districts, and two others on Mahilyah district, according to the security official.

He added that the aggression aircraft launched two air raids on Khab Washaf district in Jawf, while two others hit the border area of ‘Majaza Al-Sharqiyah’ in Asir region and one raid hit ‘Al-Shorfa’ area in Najran region.


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