The Public Prosecution sends the case of Abdullah Al-Aghbry’s murder to court

The investigation procedures have been completed in the case of the murder of the victim Abdullah Qayed Abdullah Al-Aghbari, a judicial source in the Attorney General’s office confirmed on Monday.

“The Capital’s Eastern Prosecution referred the case file of the accused Abdullah Hussein Nasser Al-Sebaei and seven others, in this case, to the court to proceed with their trial procedures in accordance with the law,” the official Yemeni News Agency (Saba) quoted the source as saying.

Including monitoring camera recordings that the victim was severely beaten and tortured in the place of the accused “Al-Sebaei”, in which Al-Aghbari was working, the security services in the capital Sanaa arrested the perpetrators on August 27, after it was proven through investigations and gathering evidence.


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