Confidential documents reveal foreign military efforts to dominate Yemen’s airspace, coasts

Confidential documents have revealed some aspects of foreign guardianship over Yemen and military efforts to dominate the Yemeni coasts prior to the September 21 Revolution in 2014,according to Yemen Press Agency.

The documents, obtained by Al-Masirah TV channel, date back to the middle of the year 2012, and were issued by the General Military Intelligence Department in Sanaa and are tagged “Top Secret”.

The documents revealed a meeting between senior officials of the Ministries of Defense and the Interior with the military attachés of a number of embassies. The meeting was devoted to presenting the coastal deployment plan of the Coast Guard and the armed forces’ plan to protect the sea borders.

According to the documents, the military attaché at the British embassy demanded that prohibited and highly sensitive military information be handed over to him, and he wanted to obtain information about the combat formation of the navy and forces’ locations.

The classified information requested by the British military attaché included the mechanism of work of command and control within the naval forces and between the navy and the Ministry of Defense.

Moreover, the British military attaché also asked for a meeting with the Commander of the Navy in Hodeidah to take a “clear view on the status of the naval forces.”

The documents indicated that the Commander of the Navy and Coastal Defense responded to the dictates of the British military attaché, without regard to the national sovereignty and military secrecy.

In the same context, it was also revealed about a meeting held on July 9, 2012 between Commander of the Air Force and Air Defense and a senior representative of the Ministry of Defense and the military attaché at the US embassy.

The meeting touched on aspects relating to a specialized American team was being prepared to provide what they called “assistance in equipping the command and control center in the Yemeni Air Force.”

It was mentioned in the documents that the senior representative of the Ministry of Defense and the military attaché at the US embassy had referred to a British interest in the same subject.


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