The aggression forces still holding 19 fuel ships despite having permits from UN

The US Saudi-led aggression coalition forces are still holding 19 fuel ships, noting the total fines resulting from the detention of oil derivative ships amounted to approximately 121 million dollars, the Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) said on Friday.

Five of the 19 ships have been held for half a year, four others for five months, and three others for three months,the company stated in a statement issued Friday.

According to the statement,the aggression forces,over 130 days, released in last July five ships carrying 139,000 tons of benzene and diesel, which equals only 14 percent of the actual need in the normal situation.

“The siege imposed on ships of oil derivatives throughout the past stages has not witnessed such a level of criminal escalating within 130 days,” the company said.

The aggression coalition countries are still continuing to piracy fuel ships and detain them despite obtaining UN permits, which endangers the lives of more than 26 million citizens and threatens all sectors with the suspension of their operational capabilities, the statement added.

The statement held the coalition countries and the United Nations responsible for the effects and consequences of the seizure of oil derivative ships, calling on free people and humanitarian and human rights organizations at home and abroad to continue solidarity activities to pressure the aggression forces and the United Nations to release all detained ships.

In the same context,in front of the United Nations office in the capital Sanaa for the 66th in row, the protest vigils demanded the release of the fuel ships continued .

They would continue to hold an open sit-in and organize protests until achieving all their demands, represented by the release of oil ships and facilitating their access to the port of Hodeidah, the lifting of the ban on Sanaa International Airport, and the neutralization of the economy from targeting, the participants in the vigil confirmed.


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