Citizen martyred injured due to the aggression military escalation in Hodeidah

At least a citizen was martyred and 13 others were wounded on Sunday after the US Saudi-led aggression coalition forces’ bombing on residential areas in Hodeidah province, a security official said.

The citizen Ameen Mohammed Ahmed Fraa’a was martyred and three citizens, including a woman, were wounded due to the aggression forces’ artillery shelling on Al-Rabasa neighborhood in Al-Houk district, the official said.

This comes hours after the aggression forces bombed the July 7 neighborhood with rockets and artillery shells, which resulted in the injuring of seven citizens from one family, including women and children.

As a result of the aggression artillery shelling a girl and an elderly man were injured in Al-Jarba Al-Olya village and another girl was wounded in Al-Munqom village in Al-Durayhimi district.


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