Shipment of vaccines violating int’l standards sent back

Over violating international standards,the Ministry of Public Health and Population of the National Salvation Government on Tuesday returned a shipment of ‘Rotavirus’ vaccines for children under one year, provided by UNICEF.

“The shipment arrived at Sanaa International Airport on August 13 and contains 30 packages with a quantity of 492 thousand doses,” said Taha Al-Aqari, director of the vaccines department in the immunization program.

All doses were examined, after shipment arrived at the central vaccination stores,and it was found that the vaccine index was at the second level, which is considered contrary to international standards, Al-Aqari added.

After the results were raised to the Health Ministry’s leadership, and a report was submitted to the UNICEF organization in a timely manner, informing them of the shipment situation, he pointed out.

For the first time in Yemen, THE Health Ministry’s leadership decided to return the shipment of violating vaccines, he added.


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