Mohammad Al-Houthi: US Labels Anyone Opposes Its Policy as Terrorists

Member of the Supreme Political Council, Mohammad Ali Al-Houthi, welcomes efforts to bring peace, stop the aggression and lift the siege on Yemen, noting that it was the US-Saudi aggression that rejected the joint declaration of the UN envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths.

In an interview with the German newspaper Der Spiegel, a member of the Supreme Political said that the national government in Sana’a presented a “comprehensive solution paper” containing many solutions to Yemeni problems. He said, “We welcome peace since the beginning of the aggression and we have presented peace initiatives, and they have not yet presented any peace initiative. ”

He said, “We said,” We are ready to stop on all fronts, and stop missiles and drones, and to implement serious solutions in accordance with the comprehensive solution document, and agree on what concerns the Yemeni people and then go to sign in Germany or Mecca or anywhere else, and what matters to us is to lift the siege and stop the aggression. ”

US labels people as terrorists

Al-Houthi explained that US describes people as terrorists whenever it wants, and it described Taliban as terrorism, but when it wanted to end its game, it made Taliban as peace knights.

He pointed out that The Americans label anyone who opposes their policy as terrorists, as is the case for the Republic of Yemen.

He added that US uses the pretext of terrorism to target civilians in Yemen, while its ambassador meets those who are wanted by the US Treasury, such as Ali Mohsen and other leaders of the mercenaries, stressing that the war that was launched against Yemen does not have any legal justification.

“If you have a score to settle with the Iranians, settle it with the Iranians”

Replying the question of “How significant is your association with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard? He answered: I have no connections, and I have never been to Iran as rumored. We don’t have any of the highly developed, tactical weapons of which the secret services speak.

He also stressed that killing the Yemeni people in order to end the Iranian threat is a clear American fallacy and misleading the world. He said: Will Iran’s influence in the region decrease if Yemenis are bombed? Will that lead to the end of Iran’s nuclear program? Or an end to long-range missiles? No!

The Yemeni people develop their military capabilities

Regarding targeting civilians, Mohammad Al-Houthi said, “If targeting civilians was our methodology, there would be thousands of massacres, but the opposite is happening. The aggression who owns a weapon whose error rate is zero is the one who intentionally commits thousands of massacres against the Yemeni people.”

He pointed out that the Yemeni people are developing their military capabilities and have experiences and minds, pointing out that Germany has been able to face the world as a result of its experiences and minds.

Al Qaeda, Daesh arms of US in Yemen

He stated that al-Qaeda and Daesh, are the American arms. They are present in the areas of the coalition control, receive protection from the countries of aggression. He indicated that the prisoners that Saudi Arabia and US demand – on the exchange deal- include many terrorist individuals and the United Nations and the Red Cross know this.

He stressed that Saudi Arabia and the coalition are those who support al-Qaeda and Daesh, and there are joint meetings between the military commanders from both sides, and they participate in the battles, and the US warplanes support these terrorist individuals, and we have video evidence.

Source: al-masirah

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