Israel Bars Money Transfers to Palestinian Prisoners’ Families

Zionist Entity Defense Minister Benny Gantz, on Tuesday, signed four orders to seize money recently transferred by the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas resistance group to families of Palestinian prisoners and martyrs.

“The orders targeted funds
transferred by both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority to Palestinians serving prison sentences in Israeli jails for terror attacks, as well as to family members of terrorists who were killed during the attacks,” the Israeli English language newspaper The Jerusalem Post reported on Tuesday.

Quoting Israeli Defense Ministry, the newspaper reported that these payments are part of the systematic and organized activities of “terror” organizations to intensify attacks and to reward prisoners and their families.

Last month, Gantz had signed four other orders relating to confiscating funds allocated to the Hamas group that rules Gaza region.

Over the past year, the Israeli authorities have intensified crack down on Palestinian banks in order to monitor money transfers to families of Palestinian prisoners.

Source: Agencies


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