Head of national delegation meets with ambassadors of Dutch and China to Yemen

Head of the national negotiating delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam on Friday held a series of meetings with the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the People’s Republic of China to Yemen.

They, in his meeting with Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Yemen, discussed the aspects of human rights, especially since the Netherlands is following up on the Yemeni file at the Human Rights Council.

Crimes and massacres committed against Yemeni civilians by the US Saudi-led aggression are the most heinous crimes in modern time, recalling the anniversary of the Grand Hall massacre that took place in 2016,Abdulsalam confirmed.

He, during his meeting with the Chinese ambassador to Yemen discussed regional and international challenges related to bilateral relations between the Yemeni people and the friendly Chinese people through historical stations as well as the political, security and humanitarian situation in Yemen.

He confirmed that they sought to starve Yemeni people through imposing more economic obstacles with a collective punishment that affected all Yemenis after the military failure of the aggression forces.


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