21 Airstrikes on Sana’a, Saada, Al-Jawf and Marib

Today, Friday, the American, Saudi, and Emirati forces launched 21 air strikes on the governorates of Sanaa, Saada, Al-Jawf and Marib.

A security source clarified that the aggression warplanes launched 16 air strikes on Al-Khanjar and Al-Marazeeq areas in Khub Al-Sha`af district in Al-Jawf governorate, a raid on Naqeel al-watadah in Khawlan Al-Tayyal district in Sana’a governorate, a raid on Al-Zahir district in Saada, and a raid on Rahba district in Ma’rib governorate.


تليقرام انصار الله
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