Service sectors in Yemen collapse after the aggression holds fuel ships: YPC

Service sectors in Yemen entered in the first hours of the collapse of their operational capabilities due to the continued holding of fuel ships, Executive Director of Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) Ammar Al-Adhra’I said on Sunday.

Al-Adhra’I said, in a statement to Al-Masirah TV channel, that “six fuel ships have been held by Saudi-led aggression coalition for half a year.”, indicating that the losses of the fuel ships currently being detained by the aggression exceeded $ 150 million.

“If the United Nations does not fulfill its duty regarding the detention of ships off Jazan, Yemen will face a disaster that has serious repercussions,” he warned, adding that the amount of oil derivatives that used to arrive via land does not cover 10 percent of the actual needs, and currently its arrival has been prevented.

70 days passed without allowing the entry of one vessel to cover the public services, noting that quantities belonging to private companies were allowed to enter and they did not exceed 10,000 tons, he affirmed.


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