October 14… The revolution continues against colonialism

In light of the constant of the aggression on Yemen by the arrogant countries, headed by the trio of evil represented in America, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, the free and honorable Yemeni people are celebrating the 57th anniversary of the October 14 Revolution. The revolution that liberate southern Yemen from the occupier and the British colonialist, and whose spark was ignited by a group of free revolutionaries and honorable who set the most amazing examples in defending the homeland, and enumerated all meanings of sacrifice, and redemption, and heroic epics in confronting the occupier and the British colonialist.

57 years have passed since the glorious October 14 revolution, but the southern governorates are still subject to the Saudi-Emirati occupation, which continues its crimes and continuous violations against the citizens. It worked through its mercenaries to restore the occupation and colonization of the south under the banner of a dirty scheme that seeks to eliminate Yemeni unity, and aims to tear Yemen apart. It also aims to divide it into conflicting and warring states and regions in a way that guarantees them preserving their interests and implementing their colonial agenda and preparation, enhancing the influence of their American masters, in addition to serving the Zionists and enabling them to implement their plans and achieve their goals in Yemen.

The occupation back again:

It is wrong to say that the British Kingdom has ended its ambitions to occupy Yemen and plunder its wealth and bounties. After it occupied and colonized southern Yemen in the past, it still aspires to do it again.

After the free and revolutionaries of Yemen made a decisive victory at the time, the strategic geography remained ambitious for the colonial and occupying powers. Foremost of which was the old colonial Kingdom of Britain, which, nowadays, and during reforming the region, is looking to reserve its place alongside the United States of America and re-control strategic water outlets, especially Bab al-Mandab.

Today, Britain plays several colonial roles on more than one level and participates in the aggression against Yemen in various political, military, economic, and humanitarian fields … etc. It does so through the arms deals sold to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, direct intervention with some air military operations, as well as direct supervision over the land and sea military operations. It explains its continuous colonial ambitions, which come in a miserable attempt to regain its hegemony and tutelage over Yemen in general, and not only of southern Yemen.
During fifty-seven years after the start of the revolution, events multiplied, characters and equations changed, but unfortunately, they returned to settle at the zero point. South Yemen is under occupation again, it looks like a replay of a movie tape that some thought it had been forgotten.

* Have the southern governorates become “liberated”:

In light of the misconceptions that the people of the south delude that the southern governorates are “liberated”, the scene is repeated today in a long and broad line of beneficiaries and appeasers of the colonialist, who embodied the meanings of “mercenary” in every sense of the word in terms of making money. The partners of the revolution against British colonialism, some of them became fierce defenders of the Emirati and Saudi occupation, outbidding it in theorizing for its existence in a paradox closer to arousing sympathy than to discontent, while some of the free and honest people are still on the path of confrontation against the occupation.

After more than half a century of that eternal revolution, the meanings of liberation, and struggle against colonialism were thrown by some. What remained of that era of the names of revolution, liberation and struggle have been recycled today under another name the “Southern Resistance,” but if it was really a resistance, we would not have found it today in one trench with the occupiers and the new colonialists .Since these occupiers are “liberators”, according to the requirements of the conceptual reversal and the exchange of roles.

The revolution is still going on

57 years ago, the revolution of October 14, 1963, began in southern Yemen against British colonialism, and the honorable free revolutionaries made their way from the tops of Radfan Mountains under the leadership of the martyr revolutionary Rajeh bin Ghalib Labouza and a group of the free revolutionaries against the British forces. Those revolutionaries were able to wrest their freedom and impose their. They are not satisfied with colonialism and hegemony, and their revolutionary journey did not stop until after the full liberation of southern Yemen from the British occupation.

During the 57th anniversary of the Revolution, which embodied the meanings of liberation and independence from British colonialism. As those former liberals made with determination, patience and struggle, the steadfast Yemeni people in general, and the people of the south in particular, should continue the revolutionary journey against those colonialists and occupiers who are still occupying the south. Just as these honorable and free people were able to liberate southern Yemen from the old British colonialism, the opportunity is still ripe for their free sons to liberate their homeland from the British, American, Emirati, and Saudi colonialism, to embody the true meaning of the revolution against the occupiers and colonialists and to reflect the true meaning of celebrating the revolution. However, the south is suffering under colonialism and in the grip of the American, Emirati, and Saudi; we cannot draw on lessons from the Revolution. Rather, the norms and lazers should be ashamed of themselves and apologize to the martyrs of the Revolution and their comrades. Relying, however, on Allah Almighty, a wise leadership that rejects humiliation and refuses to oppress the people, many honest and free men of the army and popular committees, our people will be able to liberate every inch of the homeland, and it will create freedom, independence and dignity.

In conclusion:

When the Yemeni people celebrate the Revolution in such difficult circumstances and challenges , it is celebrating glorious memories and a great and important revolution that must continue and be repeated again against the British colonialism that is colonizing southern Yemen today under the banner of returning what they call legitimacy. The enemies used it as a pretext to attack the country and plunder its wealth.

In order to be fair, the revolution of September 21 is an extension of the Yemeni revolutions that came out against the invaders and occupiers. One of its most important goals is to remove Yemen from foreign tutelage and expel the invader and the occupier from every inch. Thus those, who speak out about the 26th of September and the 14th of October, but are still languishing in the hotels of the countries of aggression, occupation and colonialism, betrayed the revolution , Yemen , the people, and the blood of martyrs who sacrificed themselves for those lofty goals for which these blessed revolutions were launched.


تليقرام انصار الله
قد يعجبك ايضا