13 Raids on Marib ,al-Jawf, and 202 violations of the aggression forces recorded in Hodeidah

A source in the Liaison and Coordination Officers Operations Room to monitor violations of the aggression forces in al-Hodeidah province stated that the total of the aggression’s violations of the ceasefire agreement amounted to 202 violations within 24 hours.

The source confirmed that the aggression’s forces’ violations in Hodeidah varied between 6 reconnaissance flights, 153 firing and 43 artillery shelling, stressing that the forces of aggression committed 28 violations in Kilo 16, between artillery strikes and firing of various calibres.

He pointed out that the aggression forces’ violations in Al-Khamseen Street amounted to 33 violations, and in the city of Al-Jabalia amounted to 45, and in the city of Tuhayat it reached 72 violations, indicating that the aggression forces committed 24 violations in the city of Hays, Al-Faz and Al-Jah.

In a related context, The aggression coalition’s fighter jets launched 13 air strikes on Marib and Jawf provinces.

In Marib, the sources declared that the aggression’s warplanes waged four raids on Madghal district and three strikes on Sirwah district.

In Jawf, the aircrafts targeted al-Labnat area of al-Hazm district with six air raids.


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