Why do we celebrate the Prophet’s Noble Birthday?

Speaking about the Prophet’s noble birth is speaking about every day in his life, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, and about his biography, wisdom, attitudes, morals, and noble features. It is also about the Islamic religion and its basic features and about the Noble Qur’an through which we should know him. The Noble Qur’an presents him in comprehensive templates that indicate his greatness and constitute a reference for any narration or speaking about him. So, we should not deviate from this framework, which is considered an outline of everything that can be said about him.

Reviving it is of great importance to the Islamic nation:

Celebrating it is a stepping-stone towards a new birth of a strong, victorious and independent nation. We must make it a birth of stability, independence and freedom nation, especially since it is of great importance to the Islamic nation, as it is considered a civilization characteristic of it among other civilizations and nations that have independent and special holidays and events. It is an important part of our culture as Islamic nation in order not to melt in the conflict battle with the enemies and surrenders and loses our strength and independence. Indeed, it reflects an Islamic awakening and means that it is on its way to regaining its strength, pride and dignity, as Allah wanted .

True love for him:

Celebrating it is a clear indication of the sincere love for him.Thus, it means that this nation appreciates the blessing of Allah Almighty upon it that is the most honorable Messenger that guides it.It also means that it loves him, applies his morals and learns the correct practical knowledge of Islam and its values and its essence, teachings and directions instead of clinging to its scales that are useless.

Reviving it represents an Islamic awakening for the nation:

While hundreds of thousands gather around the stadiums or listen to the speech of a political leader, hundreds of thousands of the Islamic nation gathered in order to revive it and to show his statues. For sure, the active presence and great joy reflects an Islamic awakening against falsehood concepts and cultures and the soft war culture, whose influence was clearly reflected in many young people who were overwhelmed by the culture of the West, globalization and urbanization, and who are fond of the culture of fashion, films and foreign haircuts. However, when it was held with the great presence and popular momentum, there was a great tangible change and awakening among the youth, who love Allah and his Messenger.

Thus, it shows the nation in front of other nations as a nation with a civilization that has roots, peculiarities and values that cannot be dissolved in the crucible of globalization and alienation or be identified with projects of cultural conquest .
It Shows the Islamic unity project:

It is certain that the nation’s enemies are following with great concern the preparations for the celebration. This is because they consider that he offers the nation a project to revive it and remove it from its dark, shameful and humiliating reality. We do not forget what the first prime minister of the Israeli enemy, Ben Gurion, said: (We fear that a new Mohammad will appear in the Arab world), and Islamic unity cannot take place unless in the event of gathering around the noble messenger. It cannot unite under the banner of anyone unless it returns to him seriously and sincerely.

All the people of the nation feel the importance of reviving it to revive the project of Islamic unity among all the people of the nation. As it is the only hope to narrowe the gap between the people of the nation , which the enemies are working to expand and deepen, especially since it can represent a symbol of Islamic unity. When it is held in every Muslim country, it indicates the common tie among all the sons of the nation. Because it is the occasion of everyone and reminds the people of the nation to return to its Prophet and to establish strong ties between them, in regardless of the geographical boundaries.

It embodies that the nation adheres to its prophet and refuses to offend him:

One of the greatest indications of reviving it is that we are a nation that adheres to our Prophet, glorifies and reveres him, and is keen to imitate him. When hundreds of thousands do so, the enemies will not dare to offend him.


تليقرام انصار الله
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