Director of the Presidency Office stresses the need to prepare for the inauguration of the governorates’ grievance redress committee branches

A meeting was held in Sana’a today, headed by the Director of the Office of the Presidency of the Republic, Ahmed Hamid, which included the head of the Office of Grievances Committee, Judge Abdullah Al-Aghbry, and the Secretary-General of the Commission, Judge Yahya Abdul Rahman Sharaf Al-Din.

The meeting discussed the workflow of the authority and the way it deals with the grievances raised to it by citizens.

During the meeting, the director of the presidential office listened to a detailed explanation from the president of the authority about the course of these grievances and the measures taken in their regard.

Hamed stressed the need to prepare for the launch of the authority’s branches in the governorates soon to ease the burden of traveling to the capital, Sana’a, to present their grievances, if any, by presenting them to those branches and treating them with justice in light of the difficult situation imposed by the brutal aggression.

تليقرام انصار الله
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