Former CIA Chief Says Worried about Trump’s Anger before Biden’s Inauguration on January 20

Former CIA Director John Brennan told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer why he was more worried now than he had been during the past four years of President Trump’s administration.

Brennan said that on the day of Joe Biden Inauguration on January 20, Trump could not cling to power as his powers would expire on January 20.

However, during the 70 days which precede Biden’s inauguration, Trump’s anger and recklessness are concerning, Brennan added.

Appointing inexperienced people to the Pentagon sends worrying signals to the US Army and all the world countries, according to Brennan.

It is worth noting that Trump had replaced the Secretary of Defense Mark Esper with Christopher Miller and appointed a number of officials to the Pentagon.

Trump is still rejecting to concede his defeat in the presidential elections and acknowledge his Democrat rival’s win, claiming that he would pursue the legal procedures to appeal the results.

Source: CNN

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