Yemeni President: The battle with corruption continues, it is not a political or media battle

The head of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi Al-Mashat, asserted that the battle with corruption continues, and it is not a political or media battle.

In his speech at the consultative meeting for capacity building and coordination among the leaders of state agencies, Al-Mashat indicated the importance of that the official should take advantage of the position in which he is and there is no excuse for anyone to be unable to do so.

He said, “It is true that capabilities are a fundamental factor and have a role in impeding many achievements, but they are not an excuse . If there is will, intention and seriousness, solutions, production and innovation can be found.”

He added, “We have to bear the responsibility, and whoever sees himself is not qualified for this responsibility, he must say that he is unable before it turns into a curse on him.” He pointed out that no one should despise his work, no matter how simple it is or its results are , and every situation has an effect.

He stressed the need to turn all difficulties into opportunities, challenges and aspirations for what the Yemeni people aspire to.

President Mashat continued : The Saudi representative in the Security Council should not be optimistic, his optimism is misplaced as long as the aggression and the blockade continue

“If the Saudis want to be optimistic, they have to enter the gate of peace through humanitarian aspects,” he said

“None of the officials of the aggression countries should feel calm or positive, until they enter peace in order to find peaceful solutions,” he concluded.


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