Ministry of Health on International Children’s Day: US-Saudi Aggression Caused Largest Human Tragedy for Yemeni Children

Yemen’s Ministry of Public Health and Population confirmed Friday that the coalition of the US-Saudi aggression has caused the largest human tragedy in the world for the children of Yemen,according to al-masirah.

On the International Children’s Day, the Ministry of Health stated in a statement that 2,643 children were killed by direct air strikes and 4,205 were injured, noting that this is a testament to the criminality of the enemy, it added.

“The suffocating siege on Yemen kills hundreds of thousands of children,” it added. “While millions are waiting for the same fate.”, it confirmed.

The statement pointed out that nearly 2 million children under the age of five are malnourished, including 400,000 critically ill children and 12,000 children who have died, it stated.

The Ministry of Health held the coalition of aggression legal, humanitarian and moral responsibility, calling on the whole world to take a serious stand to stop this aggression and lift the blockade, it confirmed.

It also called on the United Nations and UNICEF to reconsider the inclusion of the coalition of aggression in the blacklist of child killers, and for the countries of the free world to take serious action to lift the childhood tragedy in Yemen, it concluded.

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