The aggression airstrikes kill, wound 7272 Yemeni children

Over 7272 Yemeni children were hit by the US Saudi-led aggression coalition. 3468 Ones were killed and 3804 others were wounded , most of them with permanent disabilities,
the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood confirmed on Saturday.

Indicating that the aggression wanted to break the morale of Yemenis, but it did not succeed in an event on the occasion of “World Children’s Day,” the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor said that the aggression killed children with excessive brutality in schools, homes, hospitals and everywhere, .

Saudi Arabia has opened its airspace for enemy’s aircraft (the Israeli), but it has prevented the children of Yemen from going out for treatment, stressing that if the Yemenis are defeated in this battle, no Yemeni inside or outside will escape from oppression, “We have no choice but to resist,” he said, he added.

Akhlaq al-Shami, Head of Council for Motherhood and Childhood, denounced the United Nations’s removal of the US-Saudi aggression from the blacklist calling for listing it back, and a serious investigation of all crimes committed in Yemen. She also held the aggression legally and ethically responsible for crimes against children.


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