US Reported More than 2,100 Deaths in a Single Day

More than 2,100 Covid-19 deaths were reported in the US on Tuesday — making it the highest one-day coronavirus death toll the country has reported since early May.
The highest Covid-19 death tally reported in a single day in the US was 2,603, on April 15.
When cases and hospitalizations began to surge weeks ago, officials predicted deaths would soon follow. Daily new cases haven’t dipped below 100,000 in three weeks. And for the 15th consecutive day, the US beat its own hospitalization record, with now more than 88,000 Covid-19 patients in hospitals nationwide on Tuesday, according to the COVID Tracking Project.
The coming weeks are likely to get worse, before a possible vaccine can begin to offer some relief. But just how much worse things will get depends on the mitigation steps taken across the country — as well as the kinds of celebrations Americans will opt to host over the coming days, experts say.

Source: CNN


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