Representatives participate in the global meeting of parliamentarians at the Climate Vulnerable Forum, explaining the injustice of Yemen

The House of Representatives of the Republic of Yemen participated yesterday evening, via video technology, in the symposium of the Global Meeting of Parliamentarians regarding the Forum of Climate Exhibitors.

The meeting, organized by the Forum in cooperation with the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the Global Center for Adaptation, dealt with practical steps that parliamentarians can take in the field of climate change, leading to developing an action plan for legislative activities to help advance the implementation of the Paris Agreement, the goal of sustainable development, and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

The speech of the House of Representatives was delivered by Dr. Ali Muhammad Al-Zanem, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Committee, where he conveyed at the beginning the greetings of the President and members of the House of Representatives in the Republic of Yemen to the participants in the symposium.

He stressed the importance of participating in this symposium on climate and its changes as a global concern, in need of international efforts to overcome the negative effects that are reflected directly and indirectly on confronting epidemics, the latest of which is Corona.

He pointed out that promoting social and economic development and achieving sustainable development goals needs an effective treatment of climate change, refering to the importance of making use of everything new in practical steps that parliamentarians can take to combat climate change.

“Through the participation of the Yemeni parliament in this symposium or other climate-related seminars and conferences, we express our approval for positive measures that are in the interest of all mankind,” Al-Zanem said, stressing the Yemeni Republic’s interaction in coordination with the rescue governmentwith climate issues through activating parliamentary and legislative work.

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