Ammar al-Adra’i: $ 56 million in fines for delaying oil ships within half a year

Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC) Chief Executive Officer Ammar al-Adra’i said that the fines due to the detention of oil vessels by Saudi-led coalition aggression during the half of last year exceeded 56 million dollars.

The amount released since the escalation of detention in late May has reached 360,000 tons, 23% need of that estimated 1,550,42,000 tons, he said at a protest held after Friday prayers in front of the UN office in capital Sanaa.

He said the coalition countries were still holding eight oil ships off port of Jizan. He blamed the United Nations and coalition countries for the situation in the coming days.

Al-Adra’i called on all free people in the world to stand with the Yemeni people to deliver their grievances and demand an end to the piracy, the release of fuel vessels and the prevention of future detention by the coalition.

Meanwhile, a statement issued by the protesters, calling on the United Nations to put more pressures on the coalition to launch oil ships, lift the embargo on Sanaa International Airport and the port of Ras Issa and neutralize the economy from targeting.

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