Security forces thwart foiled criminal operation Al-Qaeda in Bayda

The security forces thwarted on Sunday an operation by Al-Qaeda individuals in Bayda province, Ministry of Interior said

The security force at al-Madraaj point in the area of Dhi Kalib al-Lala clashed with three al-Qaeda organization members, who are the sons of “Al-Shawwar area in the same province, the spokesman of the interior ministry Brigadier General Abdul Khaleq Al-Ajri said.

Two of those criminal individuals were arrested while the third was able from escaping to the area of Lower Kaleb, the spokesman confirmed.

The security information confirmed that the aggression forces in Marib – in last week – sent large sums of money to the three persons for carrying out such criminal operation that aimed at disturbing the security, stability in Qifah area, Al-Ajri explained.


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