Shabwa governor warns of withdrawing aggression forces from Marib to Shabwa

The Governor of Shabwah governorate Ahmed Al-Amir warned on Sunday of a plot to withdraw the headquarters of the military areas of the militias loyal to the aggression from Marib to Shabwa governorate.

In a statement to Saba News Agency, Al-Amir considered that the transfer of the command of the third, sixth and seventh military regions to Baihan and Ataq is a plan to transform Shabwa governorate into an open war zone during the coming period to destroy it.

He emphasized that the plan of Hadi’s government, the pro-aggression government, targets Shabwa, its security, stability, and social peace, and aims to tighten the military grip on the oil regions and fields. He warned that the sons and tribes of Shabwa are the only ones who will pay the price for this dangerous scheme.

Shabwa governor pointed out that the Saudi-mercenaries began a few days ago to secure areas in the governorate to transfer the command of the third, sixth and seventh military regions, stressing that the Shabwa Liberals reject the militarization of the province and striking security, stability and social peace in it.

He called on the people of Shabwa to thwart this scheme and prevent Hadi’s government from transforming areas and valleys of Shabwa into open battlefields in the future.


قد يعجبك ايضا
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