Taiz governorate receives 30 members of the returnees to the national row

Today, Sunday, Taiz governorate received 30 traitors who were working with the aggression forces.

The returnees to the national row were received by officials of Taiz , Hamid Ali Abdo and Hams Al-Habari, military and security personnel, and a group of citizens.

The officials expressed their happiness in receiving the returnees to the homeland, affirming that the returnees realized their mistake in standing with the enemies against the homeland and its security, stability and unity of land and man .They indicated that everyone will stand against the enemies of the homeland and will carry the gun side by side to defend and liberate every inch of the homeland , calling on the rest to return to march in the liberation procession, and to take advantage of the general amnesty.

For their part, the returnees expressed their happiness for the warm reception from their brothers, whether in Sanaa or Taiz, and their deep thanks to the Leader of the Revolution, may Allah protect him, the army, the popular committees, and the governor of Taiz Salim al-Maghlis for the warm reception.They also expressed their readiness to join the army, the popular committees and jihad, confront the forces of aggression and restore every inch of the homeland.


تليقرام انصار الله
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