The mercenary struggle causes the displacement of 500 families in Abyan

The First Undersecretary of Abyan governorate, Saleh Al-Junaidi, confirmed that the escalation of confrontations between the aggression mercenaries , east of Zinjibar, caused the displacement of large numbers of civilians.

Al-Junaidi explained that more than 500 families were displaced ,during the past two weeks, from Sheikh Salem, Al-Tiriya, Wadi Sala and Al-Darajaj, to escape the hell of confrontations that spread to their villages and homes.

He pointed out that thousands of families are still stranded and could not leave their villages due to the mutual bombing of the aggression mercenaries with heavy weapons.

He held the aggression countries the fully responsible for the catastrophic repercussions of the conflict between the mercenaries of the UAE and Saudi Arabia there.

He called on the United Nations and its affiliated organizations to go to the conflict zones to evacuate the stranded residents and provide them with food and shelter assistance .


تليقرام انصار الله
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