“Colonial movements on the coasts of Mahra is an open international conspiracy”: Lahj governor

The governor of Lahj governorate, Sheikh Ahmed Hammoud Jarib, described the recent British and American moves on the eastern coast of Yemen an open international conspiracy, stressing that these maritime movements reveal the scheme of the new colonial powers and the ambitions of the countries and aggression forces of in the southern governorates.

Jarib accused the so-called ranaway Hadi government of providing cover for the occupation countries in there for military intervention in the south of the country and the implementation of their colonial agenda. He stressed that the silence of that government on the violation of national sovereignty by the aggression countries indicates that the American and British colonial moves came with a green light from the puppet government and with the facilitation of – Saudi Arabia and the Emirates – the tools of America and Israel in the region.

He confirmed that there are American and British intentions previously revealed to establish naval military bases on the coasts of the governorates of Al-Mahra, Hadramout and Shabwa, indicating that America and Britain’s allegations of a high risk in the Arab Sea on malicious navigation movement as revealed the agenda of colonial powers .


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