Salvation Government Prime Minister : the coalition is the reason behind the teacher’s suffering

The head of the National Salvation Government, Mr. Abdul Aziz bin Habtoor said that the cause of the teacher’s suffering is the aggression coalition that moved the central bank from Sanaa, cut off revenues and choked free zones economically, and the siege that has existed since the beginning of the aggression.

Bin Habtoor told Al Masirah TV that the Chairman of the Supreme Political Council directed the government through the financial, economic and monetary apparatus to study the provision of some of the capabilities available to the teacher.

He pointed out that, last week, aid was provided to non-revenue sectors, stressing that work is currently being done to activate the revenue channels of the Education Fund to form part of the solutions to the teacher’s suffering

He confirmed that their our effort is directed towards addressing their suffering as it is directly related to people’s lives.


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