Ministry of Youth Condemns Saudi-mercenaries’ Targeting of Al-Ahly Club in Taiz

he Ministry of Youth and Sports condemned the targeting of Al-Ahly Club Stadium in Taiz city by the Saudi-mercenary gangs, which led to the death of Nasser Al-Raymi and his son, Omran.

According to the Saba News Agency, the ministry considered in the statement the sinful attack on the stadium a targeted and intentional attack against the sports facilities aimed at offending the Army and Popular Committees.

The statement indicated that mercenary gangs attempt to accuse the Army and Popular Committees of the attack, misleading media.

The statement noted the keenness of the Army and Popular Committees on civilian objects and civilians in general when confronting mercenary gangs in the suburbs of Taiz governorate and the rest of Yemeni governorates. This has been evident in the overall follow-up of the events of confronting the aggressors since the start of the aggression on March 26, 2015 and over the past six years, it added.

The statement pointed out that the deliberate destruction of youth and sports facilities throughout the Yemeni arena is a policy followed by the countries of aggression since March 2015.


تليقرام انصار الله
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