Al Mahwit .. The wedding of 52 grooms and brides in a group wedding

Today, Thursday, the Office of the General Authority of Zakat in Al Mahwit Governorate held a collective wedding for 52 brides and grooms of children of martyrs, freed prisoners, the wounded, the poor, and Bilal’s descendants, under the slogan “Together to achieve social solidarity.”

In the event attended by several Yemeni officials, the governor of Al-Mahwit , Major General Faisal Haidar, praised the efforts of the General Authority for Zakat that spent Zakat in its banks, including this collective wedding that targeted deserving groups in a symbiotic form that Yemen has never seen before.

A member of the Shura Council, Sheikh Mansour Azzan, also delivered a speech on behalf of the sheikhs and notables of the province, in which he expressed thanks and appreciation to thea Authorityfor its tangible efforts in the field of charity, sacrifice and generosity.


تليقرام انصار الله
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